Board Members

Kirk Williams

Board Member

Kirk Williams brings over 18 years of consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies such as Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, VISA, Walt Disney Company and Sprint to the Friends of SCLARC Board. His background in program and project management, organizational development and change management has allowed him to build the structure that provides clarity to executives and simplicity in accomplishing complex programs.

KW3 Consulting specializes in orchestrating complex projects and programs and bringing them to fruition for its clients. KW3 serves as the “conductor” of our client’s programs such as new organization adoption, new business process adoption, software implementation, operational initiatives, sourcing and vendor management and senior executive pet projects. Williams has won clients, including Cisco Systems, Banc of California, Callaway Golf and The World Bank, due to his unique ability to manage and deliver large-scale transformation programs, improve processes and provide visionary strategic planning.