We believe that our families have inherent strengths and potential.
At Friends of SCLARC we seek to ensure that all special needs individuals and their families receive equitable opportunities to help them achieve their full potential. Our housing support program provides assistance to adult consumers transitioning to independent living situations, or to families with developmentally disabled consumers who need assistance securing adequate housing. Through relentless management of the resources entrusted to us and business relationships formed, we strive collectively to help all special needs families achieve optimal housing support.

Providing HOUSING

Our agency brings awareness and provides resources for individuals with developmental disabilities. It is our vision to become an effective, compassionate and secure housing resource for families.

We hold ourselves to a high safety, quality and satisfaction standard, building an internal culture of transparency, while seeking to form new partnerships.

We take pride in ensuring our associative housing program includes:

  • A family-like settling where our residents feel important, safe, cared for, listen to and accepted
  • Commitment to green building practices and sustainability

We evaluate emerging best practices and collaborate with policy makers and communities to promote system change to reduce health and housing disparities and promote health and wellness.