Friends of SCLARC, Inc. has purchased and developed seventeen (17) residential homes to provide to SCLARC’s individuals being placed in the community through the Community Placement Plan (CPP).
In 2011 Friends of SCLARC, Inc. began this venture purchasing single-family homes located in SCLARC’s service area to place SCLARC individuals who were being relocated due to the closure of Lanterman Developmental Center. For Friends of SCLARC to access New Market Tax Credits (NMTC) to acquire, rehabilitate and serve as the active property management entity for these homes, a Limited Partnership entity was created, called Friends Community Housing. As Friends of SCLARC expanded its housing portfolio, it acquired its first property under its name in 2013 and in August 2016 acquired back the two 853 homes developed in its service area. The 853 homes also serve those individuals who transitioned from Lanterman Developmental Center who have unique medical health and intensive support needs.

All Friends of SCLARC properties employ the “Buy it Once Model”, where if any tenant (service provider) needs to be replaced, care and service for the consumer is not disrupted and they are never displaced from their homes.

Over the past 10 years, Friends of SCLARC has acquired and developed homes to provide individuals with developmental disabilities high-quality housing that adhere to their specific needs.

Housing is one of the most pressing issues among Los Angeles residents, and is particularly challenging for individuals diagnosed with a developmental disability. Friends Housing Inc.’s mission is to create safe, accessible, and affordable housing opportunities for the individuals that South Central Los Angeles Regional Center serves who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability.

of Support

The Friends Housing program is made possible through partnerships between Los Angeles Health and Human Services programs and independent multi-family properties.
Through strategic initiatives and innovative service models, we seek to address the housing gap in South Los Angeles. To do this, we purchase small properties and create rental housing in partnership with:
  • Experienced Community Developers
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • SCLARC vendors and
  • Financial Institutions
Friends of SCLARC tirelessly collaborates with affiliate community partners. We believe that the diversity of our relationships extends our mission to promote families’ access to special needs housing and supportive treatment services.

Our Values

  • We value integration of our individuals into the communities in which they live
  • We value the inclusion of Circle of Support principals in our efforts to provide housing opportunities to the clients we serve
  • We value accessible and adaptive living spaces
  • We value the promotion of financial literacy that enables developmentally disabled families to maintain stable housing
  • We value high standards for safe and affordable housing options
  • We value effective utilization and creation of sustainable community resources

We understand that being a good community partner not only helps to better people’s lives, but it also enhances the quality of life within our communities.

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