Friends of SCLARC, Inc., in partnership with South Central Los Angeles Regional Center, seeks to improve the lives of individuals living in South Los Angeles who have been diagnosed with:
  • Autism
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Epilepsy
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Other disabilities similar to an intellectual disability
We empower individuals and families with developmental disabilities who experience challenges with day to day living. Our goal is to help those with challenges live their best lives. In some cases, we find housing and help them obtain additional means to improve their way of everyday living.
The Friends of SCLARC supportive service model is focused on enhancing advocacy through outreach that includes:
  • Housing education (Tenant Leases, Move-In/Out Policies)
  • Charitable opportunities and giveaways for individuals and their families
  • Independent and living skills coaching
  • Workforce and skills development for job opportunities
  • Housing and community programs
  • Supportive living to assist with behavioral challenges & more

Affordable and Accessible

Friends of SCLARC provides fully integrated supportive housing services and wrap-around support to promote housing stability within one of our community’s most vulnerable populations – the developmentally disabled. We believe that housing is an essential human right and we recognize the value of safe, stable and affordable housing.

We meet the needs of people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) by offering housing and daily living support. Through our housing supportive services, we help families with developmentally disabled members build a foundation for long-term housing stability and greater wellness.

It can be difficult for individuals with developmental disabilities to secure housing. Individuals facing these types of barriers often need additional support in:
  • Locating assisted living programs
  • Negotiating with prospective landlords
  • Coordinating with clinical teams and social workers
  • Transportation while searching for housing

We continuously strive to ensure that each individual is provided with the means necessary to live their best life.


IS OUR #1 Goal