Friends of SCLARC educates, inspires, and advocates independence to serve the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families by offering family services and inclusive leadership.
We provide services and resources to families that build on strengths and allow their developmentally disabled loved one’s potential to flourish. Over the last 35 years, we have expanded in our response to evolving community needs, a process which continues today.
Our services can sometimes mean the difference between a hope-filled future and a life of distress for many developmentally disabled families in Los Angeles County. The families we serve empower us to spark the light within and make connections with community leaders, policy makers, educational institutions, and corporations.

Connect & Thrive

Disability does not mean inability. Friends of SCLARC works as partners with SCLARC’s team to understand your family’s unique, individualized needs. We love helping our families achieve sustainable housing through a compassionate, community-based response.
Our collective goal is to meet the growing needs of families who have members with developmental disabilities and help them achieve a life they deserve. We create and maintain a collaborative effort that addresses the needs of families by utilizing resources within local businesses and the community.

Our fundraising & community philanthropic efforts include some of our annual events:

Annual Golf Tournament

Our annual Friends of SCLARC Golf Tournament and Dinner has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars which we dedicate to making investments in people’s lives. Yielded from these funds are empowered families who are more knowledgeable and better able to advocate, as well as support for individuals during times of crisis.

Winter Holiday Giveaway

Friends of SCLARC helps to make the Holidays special for children with developmental disabilities and their families by providing food, clothing and toys due in large part to the generosity and support of such companies as The Walt Disney Company, Hasbro and Jakks Cares.

Back to School Giveaway

Friends of SCLARC strives to promote academic excellence for the entire family. Partnered with the very generous donation from Dr. Marie France Francois, we send children back to school each year prepared and ready to learn. This makes it easier for SCLARC’s families to send their children into the classroom with the necessary tools and items they need to complete schoolwork. The backpacks are filled with notebook paper, pencils, sharpeners and art supplies.

At Friends of SCLARC, we understand that being a good community partner not only helps to better people’s lives, but it also enhances the quality of life within the community.

Stewardship + Strategy=